Before you order

This is how you get ready to place an order.

Please follow these steps to place your order:

Make sure you have all the information needed to fill in the online Order Form.

a.     Organisation entering the contract with Nightingale

b.     Organization ID (VAT number, tax code, or similar identifier; if your organization does not have one, please leave this blank)

c.     The name, title, and contact information (email, mobile phone number) of the person who is placing the order and receiving the results. It is essential to provide a mobile phone number as the password to your results will be delivered via SMS to this number.

d.    The name and email address of the lab officer in charge of shipping the samples

e.      The total number of samples

f.      The chosen volume: 100 µL or 350 µL*

g.     Sample type: serum, EDTA plasma, heparin plasma, or citrate plasma

h.       The deadline for shipping the samples

i.       Your decision regarding returning potential RSM (remaining sample material): destroy RSM or return RSM (surcharges apply)

j.      Purchase Order number (if required by your organization)

*) Please see a detailed explanation of the subtle differences between the 100 µL and the 350 µL volume options here. Which sample volume option you should choose depends on your needs and circumstances. Always use just one sample volume within a study. Do not mix the two volume options within the same study to avoid any potential volume-related biases in your data. If you have ample sample material, choose 350 µL because of the better accuracy allowed by the larger volume alone. If you do not have 350 µL or you prioritize saving sample material, then select the 100 µL option. If it is crucial to you for results to have CE-marked analytes, choose the 350 µL option.

Have a purchase order number on hand

If your organization requires a Purchase Order number, please make sure you have received it before you place an order, as invoicing will take place immediately after you place your order

Review Nightingale's Terms & Conditions

Please make sure that Nightingale’s Terms and Conditions are acceptable for your organization. The exceptional price point hinges on Nightingale solely offering the service on the standard Terms and Conditions.

Material Transfer Agreements are not accepted

Please note that Nightingale will not sign Material Transfer Agreements or similar documents due to the reason explained in the previous point.

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