Nightingale for biobanks

Nightingale's low-cost, high throughput technology enables the analysis of large-scale biobank collections to advance health research and benefit public health.

Until recently, technological constraints and prohibitive costs have prevented the high-throughput biomarker profiling of large-scale biobanks. Now, Nightingale’s technology has made it possible to enrich even very large biobank collections with comprehensive biomarker data. The combination of Nightingale’s biomarker data with already available large datasets such as genomics and detailed clinical data can generate many new insights for a plethora of diseases. Ultimately, this would allow researchers around the world to rapidly advance health research and benefit patient care and public health.

Our collaboration with UK Biobank

We are currently profiling 500,000 blood samples from the world's largest health database, UK Biobank.

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Our collaboration with Estonian Biobank

Estonian Biobank is working with us towards the goal of realizing nationwide early disease prevention in Estonia. For this aim, we will not only perform the biomarker profiling for 200,000 EBB participants, but also provide health insights to the individual participants. This pioneering approach empowers individuals with modern tools of personalized medicine and could help realize early disease prevention at a very large scale.

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How Nightingale's biomarker profiling benefits your biobank

Enrich your biobank with large-scale biomarker data on all participants

Nightingale’s biomarker panel covers 250 biomarkers, from a single blood sample. The panel includes routine lipids, apolipoproteins, amino acids, fatty acids, lipoprotein particles, inflammation and glycolysis related metabolites and many more. Importantly, the measurement includes 39 clinically validated biomarkers, which can be used just as traditional clinical biomarkers. These biomarkers reflect multiple biochemical pathways with proven relevance in the mechanisms of different diseases. Because of these benefits, adding Nightingale’s dataset to your biobank provides the opportunity to explore a multitude of research topics with meaningful statistical power.

Verify the quality of your samples

We provide a sample quality check as part of our service. This allows you to avoid submitting samples of compromised quality for expensive downstream assays and thus, you save time, costs, and sample material.

Returning health results to biobank participants

Nightingale can provide health results to biobank participants to increase participation rates and advance personal health. We can provide reports via our mobile app. If you are interested in such an opportunity, please reach out to us at research[at]

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