Data visualization tool for R-users

Efficient visualization is a crucial part in communicating study results in a convenient and effortless way. To support researchers with their data visualization, Nightingale has developed an open-source forestplot tool for R-users. The tool named ggforestplot provides a simple solution for turning association results into a ready-to-use visualization for publications and presentations.

Forest plots are used to visualize the strengths of associations, in other words, multiple effect sizes. Traditionally, these comparisons are displayed in tables but with ggforestplot researchers can show and compare the associations easily in a more visual way.

The tool was originally developed for visualizing associations of Nightingale’s biomarker data, but ggforestplot can be used for any dataset and by anyone working with data, even with different study settings and research questions. ggforestplot requires no previous experience with NMR biomarker data, however, the tool also includes a tutorial that helps users to get acquainted with Nightingale’s data and basic association analysis.

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You can access the tool, tutorials and functions here.

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