N-review: High-throughput metabolic profiling in CVD and drug development research

Research studies have showcased multiple benefits of detailed biomarker profiling for increased understanding of the effects of lifestyle factors, genetic makeup and future disease risk.

Nightingale highlights some of the latest applications and advancements of high-throughput metabolic profiling in its N review. This issue of focuses in applications of cardiovascular disease and drug development research.

Read the N review for more details on how metabolic biomarkers other than cholesterol metabolism are predictive of cardiovascular risk. The review also highlights a recent study in which two different study design approaches were combined to demonstrate how metabolic profiling in observational cohorts can be used to characterise drug responses, with statin therapy as a proof-of-concept example. 

The highlighted applications utilize Nightingale’s NMR metabolomics platform that simultaneously quantifies 228 metabolic measures including detailed lipoprotein subclass profiling, various fatty acids, apolipoprotein A1 and B, albumin, inflammatory glycoproteins, as well as numerous low-molecular-weight metabolites, including amino acids, gluconeogenesis related measures and ketone bodies. Read more about the biomarker analysis platform.