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The only blood analysis platform for broad metabolic profiling in hundreds of thousands of study participants. Replicate and publish your research building on over 400 prior publications from UK Biobank and hundreds of other cohorts. Applicable to all disease areas. Easy to analyse with standard medical statistics. 

Independent study: Nightingale Health’s blood test shown to enhance health check-ups by predicting many diseases at once

A landmark paper was recently published in Nature Medicine showing how Nightingale Health’s metabolic biomarkers can predict the risk for many diseases simultaneously. The paper is based on Nightingale NMR data in 117,000 people from UK Biobank: Buergel et al, Metabolomic profiles predict individual multidisease outcomes, Nat Med 2022.

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“(...) The cost difference between this panel and measuring standard lipids and glucose, when considering all of the additional information provided, for me makes a clear argument for using Nightingale's platform.” 

Deborah A Lawlor 

Professor of Epidemiology MRC Integrative Epidemiology Unit 
University of Bristol 

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