Clinical-grade quality

Nightingale’s sample analysis technology is used in clinical applications, which requires us to ensure compliance with the most stringent quality assurance and applicable regulatory requirements. The clinical-grade quality data increases the reliability, validity, and reproducibility of the results making also your research robust.

Nightingale has currently 39 clinically and analytically validated and CE-marked biomarkers. This means that Nightingale’s biomarker values are comparable with any other clinically and analytically validated laboratory method, such as photometric or enzymatic methods. In other words, if two aliquots would be taken from the same sample, one sent to a regular hospital laboratory and one to Nightingale, the results would be comparable. The analysis is also free of batch effects; uniform values are returned regardless of the number or timepoint of the measurement.

List of clinically validated biomarkers

How our clinically and analytically validated biomarkers support your research?

Get uniform data

Analyzing large sample cohorts typically requires using more than one clinical laboratory to analyze all the samples, which often means variations in the results delivered by the different labs. With Nightingale, you get uniform data for all your samples no matter how big or small the cohort size is.


Save time, cost and sample material

Nightingale’s sample analysis technology is a fast and affordable technology that provides high-throughput multi-biomarker analysis results, including routine clinical biomarkers. This means that you can skip clinical chemistry analysis and save costs and time as well as sample material. Send all your samples to us at once and receive full panel data for each sample, including 39 clinically and analytically validated biomarkers.

Ensuring data quality

Nightingale is committed to achieving high quality in all its services. Quality and compliance with all applicable regulatory and customer requirements underline all our operations.

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