How our analysis service works

Nightingale offers quantitative biomarker profiling as a service for human serum and plasma samples on its proprietary, high-throughput CE-marked analysis platform. The analysis service is highly standardized and automated, which allows you to benefit from attractive pricing and fast delivery times. You only need to send your sample collection to our laboratory, and we will take care of the analysis and delivery of results to you.

Our blood biomarker analysis service proceeds through the following steps

1. The decision to profile your samples with Nightingale

Explore our website for the information you need.
Contact us if you need help.

3. Receiving order confirmation

Nightingale will send you:
i. An order confirmation – so you know the order has been processed
ii. Shipping instructions – so you know how and where to ship the samples
iii. Invoice for the service – invoicing will be made based on your order

4. Shipping the samples

Arranging the sample shipping to our laboratory is easy according to our shipping instructions.
We receive the samples according to our standard laboratory protocols.
You will receive an email confirmation from our team that your samples have arrived safely.
You will also receive information about the expected results delivery date as soon as your samples have been placed in the analysis queue.

5. Analysing the samples

We analyse your samples with our CE-marked analysis platform.

6. Receiving the results

We deliver your results to you via our cloud-based results delivery portal.
The deliverables include:
i. Quantified results (.xls and .csv files)
ii. Quality report (.pdf)
iii. Results overview (.pdf)

7. Working with the data

Our service includes

Sample measurement on our automated and standardized CE-marked NMR platform

Generation of quantitative biomarker data on each sample

Result reports with ready-to-analyze data, complete with quality observations

Delivery of results typically in a matter of weeks depending on the number of samples

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