Key benefits of Nightingale

Nightingale’s metabolic biomarker platform provides a broad combination of known and emerging biomarkers. It is the first and currently the only truly large-scale metabolic biomarker profiling platform that also provides multiple clinically validated biomarkers. The method has been widely applied in epidemiological studies, including some of the world’s largest biobanks. Hundreds of biomarkers analyzed from a single sample, ability to replicate your findings with global flagship cohorts, rapid translation for your findings – all this with the same affordable price point for both small and large cohorts.

Hundreds of known and new biomarkers enable comprehensible results and set the novel biomarkers in context. The biomarker data are free of batch effects and in a standard format across all the different studies we have profiled. Because of all these factors, it is straightforward for you to combine results across cohorts without the need for batch effect corrections and other tedious pre-processing steps. This allows you to get a head start in the analysis of a broad range of metabolic biomarkers in your study and take your research beyond the limits of your own cohort.

With Nightingale, you tap into the following opportunities

Global community

Become part of the global community of researchers who trust us with their cohorts.

Build upon already profiled cohorts

Increase the power of your own study and build upon already profiled large cohorts.

Connect findings from studies with alternative design

Connect findings from your studies with an alternative design to the vast database of biomarker-disease endpoint associations in the UK Biobank.

Replicate your results

Replicate your results and create new hypotheses by comparing your findings to those of others.

Profiling samples with Nightingale offers you great value

Affordable price per sample

You can enjoy a price from EUR 19 per sample regardless of the number of samples in your cohort.

Profile your whole study

You can profile your whole study/cohort due to the affordable price and fast delivery of analysis results.

250 biomarkers from one sample

You get a wealth of metabolic data with 250 biomarkers quantified for each sample.

39 clinically validated biomarkers

You avoid having to do overlapping clinical chemistry as we offer 39 clinically validated biomarkers.

No batch effects

You can profile your samples in batches over time because there are no batch effects with our technology.

Fast result delivery

You get your results fast: we typically deliver in a matter of weeks for thousands of samples.

Ready-to-analyze data

You receive quantitative, ready-to-analyze data.

Receive a quality report

You receive a quality report to assure you the quality of your samples and the data.

Key facts about Nightingale's blood analysis panel

Core technology

Nightingale's proprietary blood analysis platform is based on 1H NMR spectroscopy with automated quantification.

Sample volume

Either 100µL or 350µL, producing the same deliverables.

Sample type

Serum, EDTA plasma, citrate plasma or heparin plasma.

Wide array of metabolic biomarkers

250 biomarkers are quantified for each sample.

The panel includes 39 clinically validated biomarkers.

Results are delivered in absolute quantities (mmol/l or g/l) ready for data analysis.

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