Nightingale invited to solve world’s biggest health problem with the UN and MIT

Nightingale Health’s blood testing re-invention has been chosen from hundreds of applications to be presented at the Solve pitch event at United Nations headquarters in March.

  • Solve is a program led by MIT seeking solutions for the world's biggest problems.
  • Global issues such as refugee education, carbon emissions and in this case, chronic diseases, are top of the list.

Reshaping Future Health with better health data

Nightingale’s unique solution was chosen as one of 15 finalists in the chronic diseases challenge.

  • The revolutionary technology provides detailed biological data from a single blood sample.
  • This biological data helps to predict and prevent possible future chronic diseases such as cardiovascular conditions and diabetes.
  • This affordable early risk prediction technology aims to enable people to reshape their future health.
  • Rather than just diagnosing and treating diseases, we will be able to take preventive actions.

“We believe in better healthcare for everyone”

Nightingale’s solution has been proven to advance scientific research in chronic diseases and is supported by over 100 peer-reviewed biomedical publications.

With its proprietary blood analysis technology, Nightingale believes:

  • Better healthcare should be for everyone and has developed its unique solution with affordability, clinical integration and scalability as core foundations.
  • The clinical launch of Nightingale’s technology will begin in 2017 in Europe.

Vote now and help us redefine the Future of Health

  • Solve will take place on March 7, 2017 at the headquarters of the United Nations in New York.
  • Public votes will be taken into account when during the event, an international panel of health care professionals will award the highly respected “Solvers” title to the most advanced solutions.
  • Those chosen companies will then continue to develop solutions together with leading experts from MIT held in the Solve event in Massachusetts in May.

Nightingale are excited to be chosen as one of the shortlisted companies. Teemu Suna, Nightingale Health CEO explained his vision for the future:

“We believe everyone should be able to make life defining choices. With our new blood testing technology we are liberating access to revolutionary affordable health data so that in the future we are no longer just told and diagnosed, we can predict our health.“

“The Solve program is an inspiring movement and we are very proud to have been invited to join this illustrious group of forward thinking global innovators.”

Nightingale was formerly known as Brainshake. Read more.