Nightingale, Nokia and Fazer join forces for better nutrition and health prospects

Nightingale Health, Nokia and Fazer have started a unique collaborative project to investigate new tools for people to holistically monitor and take better control of their own health. The collaboration brings together the partners’ cutting-edge technologies and expertise from different industries. The project focuses on understanding the effect of diet on work productivity, cognitive performance and quality of life. 

The modern work-life balance puts considerable strain on cognitive performance: working hours are non-specific and work tasks have become more versatile and abstract. To enable future solutions, Fazer, Nokia and Nightingale aim to improve our understanding of holistic health by uniquely combining a specially designed “brainfood” diet, digital biometrics and metabolic profiling blood in a clinical research setting. The data collected in the study will offer a unique opportunity to analyze connections between cognition, physiology, sleep quality, stress tolerance and metabolism, observing how they can be affected by the quality of nutrition and eating habits. 

Bringing digital health, biotech and nutrition together to create impact 

Reaching across various fields, each company will contribute their own expertise. Fazer will provide the "brainfood" meals, healthy food designed to be specifically beneficial for the brain and cognitive performance. Nokia will provide the physiological  monitoring of stress, recovery and sleep in real life conditions, using mobile devices and advanced cloud analytics.  Nightingale will measure  comprehensive health information from  blood samples taken throughout the trial and carry out statistical analysis of the study overall.  

“Developing a better understanding of human health is a complex challenge, but it’s typically evaluated from a narrow perspective”, says Nightingale’s CEO Teemu Suna. “To challenge the status quo, we should aim to develop a new holistic approach to monitoring health. One that understands what’s going on inside of us at the molecular level, follows our daily activities, and helps us to see the impact of our diet. A single company can’t achieve this goal on their own, so Nightingale is pleased to partner with Nokia and Fazer, creating a unique joint endeavor that strives to improve health globally.”