Nightingale for population cohorts

Profile every participant for a holistic molecular understanding of health and disease.

Nightingale’s platform is perfectly suited to studying different diseases at once due to the broad coverage of results (250 biomarkers analyzed for each sample). Our technology is used by researchers at the forefront of medical research and we have profiled over 1 million samples to date. Early on, Nightingale’s analysis was recognized as a powerful approach for gaining a holistic understanding of cardio-metabolic diseases. Subsequently, the technology has proven its applicability to diseases beyond traditional cardio-metabolic conditions such as various cancers, neurodegenerative diseases, and complications associated with infectious diseases such as COVID-19.

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How Nightingale’s biomarker profiling benefits your cohort

250 biomarkers analyzed from a single sample

Nightingale's biomarker panel covers 250 biomarkers, from a single blood sample, of which 39 are clinically and analytically validated. The panel includes routine lipids, apolipoproteins, amino acids, fatty acids, lipoprotein particles, inflammation and glycolysis-related metabolites, and many more. These biomarkers reflect the physiology of a plethora of diseases and provide a snapshot of human health. Our biomarker analysis is scalable to full cohorts, which allows you to obtain a holistic view of systemic diseases by obtaining comprehensive biomarker data on every study participant.

Expand traditional clinical chemistry measurements

Nightingale’s panel offers 39 clinically validated biomarkers, which are comparable to measurements done by any other clinical laboratory. Save time, costs, and sample material by choosing Nightingale’s certified laboratory instead of sending samples to many clinical laboratories: you will receive the clinically validated biomarkers as part of the standard panel from one measurement. Additionally, we provide a sample quality check as part of our service, which allows you to later avoid submitting samples of compromised quality for expensive assays.

Obtain data on all participants in your cohort

You don't need to be restrained by a case-control study setup, as our technology is cost-efficient, fast, and scalable to full cohorts. Nightingale’s method is a state-of-the-art technology for profiling very large blood sample collections. Similarly, it allows for the pioneering large-scale profiling of cord blood, urine, and CSF.

Understand disease fingerprints and answer diverse scientific questions

Our biomarkers cover multiple biochemical pathways with proven relevance for the physiology of different diseases. This allows you to obtain, from just one measurement, biomarker data that can be applied to various research topics. Combining Nightingale’s data with genomics and other large datasets enables the multi-omics approach with meaningful statistical power, which fuels novel scientific findings and new hypotheses formulation. If you first generate a holistic view of systemic diseases with our method, you are subsequently in a better position to narrow down the research questions and the biochemical pathways that would be worth studying in more detail.

Speed up data analysis and publications by collecting standardized data

You will receive your Nightingale biomarker results in absolute concentration units, like any routine clinical biomarker data format. This enables you to analyze the data rapidly, and the extensive reference database aids in the interpretation of your findings. Furthermore, the speed of our service guarantees that you will receive results in a matter of weeks after your samples have arrived at our laboratory, which further speeds up the publication process.

Compare findings to a large database of already profiled cohorts

Understand rapidly what your discoveries mean and validate your findings by comparing them to those from already profiled cohorts. The easiest place to start is the rich database of the UK Biobank.

Create value for the global research community

Nightingale’s data is directly comparable in diverse cohorts globally, enabling replication and creation of new hypotheses as well as paving the way to the clinical translation of research findings.

Translate your findings

You can translate your findings with us. Our platform provides clinically validated biomarkers and there is already a track record of research findings being translated to clinical settings. Nightingale’s multi-biomarker disease risk scores are a good example of this.

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