Large-scale metabolic biomarker profiling for researchers

Capture the body’s core metabolic functions from just €24 per sample.

Nightingale Health’s metabolomic research service enables reproducible and cost-effective measurement of lipids, inflammation, dietary intake, insulin sensitivity, and much more.

Our biomarkers are associated with diverse aspects of human health, from cardiometabolic disease to kidney and liver function to dementia and mental health. They also reflect the exposome, including smoking, and diet, providing foundational data for every analysis in your study.

If you genotype each sample, you should also have a metabolic snapshot as part of the basic core data. Take your research to the next level with metabolic insights across human health.

Nightingale Health brings metabolomics to the scale of the world’s largest biobanks and cohorts.

Our research service provides the only platform for comprehensive metabolic profiling for whole cohorts. Nightingale Health's technology is the only omics technology that has been measured across all 500,000 participants in the UK Biobank and 200,000 participants in the Estonian Biobank.

We are proud to have partnered with these world-leading medical research studies and that our data are available to qualified researchers to amplify and replicate new research findings and increase impact. You can also explore our atlas of biobank associations in UK Biobank.

"The cost difference between this panel and measuring standard lipids and glucose, when considering all of the additional information provided, for me, makes a clear argument for using Nightingale's platform."

Professor Deborah Lawlor​
MRC Integrative Epidemiology Unit​
University of Bristol

Nightingale Health’s metabolic biomarker profiles have become a trusted and affordable gold standard for our customers, which has led to millions of samples analyzed to date.

Replace your clinical chemistry measurements with Nightingale Health for about the price of a cholesterol test.

We have clinically validated 39 biomarkers that are reported in the same absolute concentration units and reference ranges as traditional clinical chemistry measurements.

In addition to your research goals, feedback actionable measurements to your research participants, including individual biomarkers and multi-biomarker disease risk predictions.

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