Harness the power of large-scale metabolic biomarker profiling

Nightingale's research services provide the only platform for multi-biomarker metabolic profiling in hundreds of thousands of study participants. Take your research to the next level by gaining metabolic biomarker insights with true magnitude and relevance for human health.

Why choose Nightingale?

Nightingale provides the only truly large-scale metabolic biomarker profiling platform and enables you to explore human health at a scale that really makes a difference. If you wish to quickly analyze large cohorts and understand what your research findings mean, we provide an end-to-end biomarker analyzing service on our proprietary, high-throughput analysis platform.

Pave the way for precision medicine:

1. Enrich your study with a broad range of metabolic biomarkers.

2. Get a head-start on data analyses by using quantified and comparable data.

3. Obtain strong statistical power in your study.

4. Collaborate with a global community of researchers.

5. Replicate your findings and put them into context.

6. Translate your research findings into clinical use.

What do you get from Nightingale’s blood biomarker analysis?

250  biomarkers for every sample

39 clinically validated biomarkers

Results in absolute concentration units

Data free of batch effects

Sample quality report

Our quality control procedures check various issues related to sample integrity and biomarker quantification.

Fast delivery

We typically deliver the results in a matter of weeks.

Affordable pricing

Price from EUR 19 per sample

What do our customers say about us?

Hear from your fellow researchers about how our technology has helped them to answer their favorite research questions. Learn more about research experiences and stories from Nightingale’s research community. Collaborate with other cohorts, which also have our data.

Professor John Danesh, Cambridge University

“Because Nightingale's assay is designed to provide informative and reliable lipidomic/metabolomic measurements at scale, it has been adopted by several major cohorts globally, including those led from our institution, helping to yield valuable insights about the predictors and determinants of important conditions.”

Deborah A Lawlor, Professor of Epidemiology MRC Integrative Epidemiology Unit at the University of Bristol

“The cost difference between this panel and measuring standard lipids and glucose, when considering all of the additional information provided, for me makes a clear argument for going with Nightingale's platform.”

Tonu Esko, Professor of Human Genomics and Senior Manager at Estonian Biobank

"Nightingale's platform has the potential to completely change the standard of healthcare – cost-effective and highly scalable molecular profiling platform will make data-driven preventive medicine a reality.”

Nightingale’s clinical-grade data makes your research robust

Nightingale’s technology delivers biomarker measurements in absolute concentration units and is free of batch effects. Several biomarkers are clinically validated, which enables the translation of research findings to clinical settings. Working with us will deliver results that you can trust to use in your science.

Clinical-grade quality

Increases reliability, validity, and reproducibility of the results.

Data robustness

The data is highly reproducible and accurate, providing stable measurements over time.

Quality assurance

Compliance with the most stringent quality assurance and applicable regulatory requirements.

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