Urine analysis service

The foundation for diverse health research

Measuring 51 biomarkers in every sample provides the freedom to explore every research question in the UK Biobank data. Analysis just €49.

Receive fully quantitative metabolic data for novel scientific discoveries.

The applications of our urine biomarker analysis include the early detection and prognosis of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes, along with associated diabetic complications, such as kidney disease. It also facilitates a molecular-level understanding of cardiometabolic risk factors, including adiposity and body fat distribution, allowing scientists to unravel their roles in disease etiology.

  • Biomarkers in absolute concentrations
  • 500 μL sample volume
  • Price for urine analysis service starts at €49 per sample

The biomarkers measured in Nightingale’s urine analysis service cover a wide range of biological functions:

  • Amino acids (e.g. alanine, isoleucine, tyrosine)
  • Dietary metabolites (e.g. ethanol, mannitol, sucrose) • Glycolysis (e.g. glucose, lactate)
  • Fluid balance (creatinine)
  • 51 research use biomarkers in all

Powerful platform enabled by NMR


Robust and highly reproducible results

Our fully automated analysis process is constantly monitored. NMR technology allows high reproducibility, which ensures consistent and reliable results across all sample sets.


Accurate and fully quantified metabolic data

Not only our measurement of the samples, but also our quantification process of the NMR spectral data is fully automated, which provides precise and accurate metabolite results in absolute concentration units.


Fast, cost-efficient and scalable technology

We use a high-throughput NMR technology which ensures efficient analysis for sample sets of all sizes without batch effects.


Comprehensive overview of an individual’s health

Biomarkers in our panel provide a physiologically meaningful picture of overall health, making it possible to explore novel connections between metabolites and an individual’s health status.

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