Remote blood collection kit and DBS analysis for medical research and clinical trials

We offer comprehensive biomarker profiling from self-collected blood samples.

Participant-friendly remote sampling adds flexibility to designing studies

Geographical and logistic limitations constrain many study designs. These limitations cause challenges in attracting participants, limit possibilities in sample collection, and create substantial costs. Our remote blood sample collection solution, where participants can draw their own sample from a fingerprick, creates substantial flexibility allowing study designs that have not been possible before while keeping costs under control.

Unprecedented value from integrated remote sampling and Nightingale Health's blood analysis technology

Nightingale Health is the only supplier in the market that provides in-house capabilities for both remote blood collection and comprehensive biomarker profiling. These integrated capabilities ensure superior consistency and quality compared to non-integrated solutions, creating unprecedented value in medical research or clinical trials. In addition, Nightingale Health’s solution allows customers to select optional additional measurements, such as HbA1C and genotyping or sequencing, from the same blood sample.

World-leading analysis quality aligned with venous sampling for research use

Nightingale Kit tightly integrates with Nightingale Health’s venous blood sample analysis platform. This allows Nightingale Health to minimize the variability inherent to self-collected samples and to have excellent repeatability.

Competitive pricing compared to venous sampling

Nightingale Kit simplifies the sample collection workflow by removing the complex coordination needed to acquire venous samples. This increases flexibility, allowing a price point where remote collection costs are similar to or even lower than venous samples.

Replication opportunities that no other technology can offer

Nightingale Health’s comprehensive biomarker profiling technology has measured more than 1.8M blood samples from global biobanks and cohort studies. This has created the world’s largest virtual biobank where scientists worldwide can collaborate and replicate their findings, an opportunity also available when utilizing the Nightingale Kit.

Biomarkers from Nightingale Kit cover a wide range of biological functions

  • Standard lipid panel (LDL, HDL, triglycerides)
  • Detailed lipids (e.g., ApoA1 & ApoB)
  • Insulin sensitivity (amino acids)
  • Dietary intake (e.g., Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids)
  • Chronic inflammation (GlycA)
  • Fluid balance (e.g., albumin)
  • Kidney function (e.g., creatinine)

How does it work?


Research study organizer orders agreed number of Nightingale Kits


Nightingale Health delivers kits in one batch to study organizer who registers the kit IDs


Study organizer delivers the kits to study participants with mail or courier logistics


Study participants receive the kits, draw the sample and return the kit to study organizer (7 days return window)


Study organizer pools the blood collection kits with collected samples in freezer


Study organizer delivers the blood collection kits to Nightingale Health for analysis and Nightingale return the results* to study organizer

*Nightingale Biomarker Profile, HbA1c (optional), Genetic data generation (optional)

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