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We offer quantitative biomarker profiling as a service on our proprietary, high-throughput CE-marked analysis platform. Our analysis is highly standardized and automated, benefiting you from attractive pricing and fast delivery times. You only need to send your sample collection to our laboratory, and we will take care of the analysis and delivery of results to you.

Blood analysis service

Nightingale Health's biomarker panel covers 250 biomarkers from a single blood sample, of which 39 are clinically validated. Affordable pricing and fast delivery times enable large-scale blood biomarker insights to advance global research.

Self-collection kit

Comprehensive biomarker profiling from self-collected blood samples.

Urine analysis service

Our urine biomarker analysis provides simultaneous quantification of metabolites from several metabolic pathways, including microbial metabolism, fluid balance, dietary metabolites, glycolysis-related metabolites, and low-molecular metabolites like amino acids.

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