From order to results delivery

Placing an order is easy as it takes place via an online form. When your results are ready, they will be released via a secure file-sharing service.

How it works​

Follow these simple steps from ordering to receiving your results:

Place order

You can effortlessly place the order via our online order form.

Receive confirmation

You will receive and order confirmation, invoice, and shipping instructions shortly after placing your order.

Ship samples

Make sure you follow our shipping instructions closely. Our Logistics team will inform you when the samples have arrived at our laboratory.

Access results

You will receive your results via a secure file sharing service.

Useful information to know before you order

Information you would need to fill in the online order

a.     Organization entering the contract with Nightingale Health

b.     Organization ID (VAT number, tax code, or similar identifier; if your organization does not have one, please leave this blank)

c.     The name, title, and contact information (email, mobile phone number) of the person placing the order and receiving the results. It is essential to provide a mobile phone number as the password to your results will be delivered via SMS to this number.

d.    The name and email address of the person in charge of shipping the samples

e.      The total number of samples

f.     Sample type: blood (serum, EDTA plasma, heparin plasma, citrate plasma) or urine

g.      The chosen sample volume: 100 µL or 350 µL* for blood, 500 µL for urine

h.      Planned schedule for shipping the samples

i.       Your decision regarding returning potential remaining sample material (RMS): whether you wish us to dispose or return RSM (surcharges apply when returning)

j.      Purchase Order number, if required by your organization

*) Both 100 µL and 350 µL sample volume options are analyzed using the same method and provide the same biomarker output. Due to the differences in the handled liquid volumes between 100 µL and 350 µL options, some intrinsic subtle differences in precision may be relevant for your study setting. Which sample volume option you should choose depends on your needs and circumstances. When choosing the analysis method for your sample collection, use only one method and sample volume within a study. If you have ample sample material, choose the 350 µL option. Also, if it is important for the results to include analytes that have been analyzed with the CE-marked method, choose the 350 µL option. If your sample material is limited or you prioritize saving the sample material, then select the 100 µL option.

Raise a purchase order number from your organization

If your organization requires a Purchase Order (PO) number, please provide it when placing an order, as this will be added to the invoice your organization receives after your order has been confirmed.

Review Nightingale Health's Terms of Service

Nightingale Health's analysis service and online orders are governed by Nightingale Health's Terms of Service, which also cover material transfer-related matters. Please ensure that Nightingale Health's Terms of Service are acceptable to your organization. Please note that any additional terms related to the order on the customer's documents are not accepted.

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Other practical information

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